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Discover why the New York Times reported this as one of the best goal setting products on the market

GoalMaker eBook – the complete goal setting guide is a comprehensive companion guide to GoalMaker Online.

Written by GoalMaker software designer Kevin Seerup, GoalMaker – the complete goal setting guide outlines the techniques for successful goal-setting, enabling you to quickly identify, set, organise, manage and reach your goals.

The GoalMaker eBook strategies for success will show you:

• How to learn the habits of successful goal setters and unearth strategies for goal making that only the top three percent of the population know and apply!

• The importance of visualisation and mapping to help identify and achieve your goals.

• 15 questions you should ask yourself each day that will transform your ability to reach your goals

• The quickest pathway to the successful achievement of your goals

• The value of positive reinforcement, celebrating wins and eliminating self-sabotage.

• 9 common reasons people fail to set goals, and how to overcome them.

• The definitive guide to long-term-goal setting as a precursor to success.

• The key to identifying your roles and developing a vision for each of them.

• 13 affirmations that cement your commitment to your life goals Included with the guide are our highly effective printable worksheets that will help you plan your goals and track your progress.

How to Effectively Identify, Set, Organize, Manage and Reach Your GoalsFaster than Ever Before!

What the top 3% know about achieving their most important goals - that you don't know yet - is the difference between frustration- and a life that is satisfied, happy and fulfilled. Best part: You can learn it all OVERNIGHT and use it tomorrow to achieve the life you want

Dear Friend,

Why is it that two people with equal backgrounds, opportunities, and drive to achieve the life they want, sometimes end up so differently?

One manages to reach their goal, outperforming, and overcoming seemingly insurmountable obstacles, while the other one faces the same type of adversity but simply fails.

It isn't luck, even if you believe that plays a role. It's a difference of attitude in goal setting. No one has ever achieved success until they have learned to set goals.

It's there that success resides. When goal setting fails, the battle is lost.

Goal setting is the weapon of achievement. Show me a big, successful person who has obtained the life they want and I'll show you someone who has set goals.

But that's not all!


What Everyone Ought To Know About Goal Setting

FACT: The top three percent of society have clear written goals.

But if the secret to setting goals and achieving the life you want was ONLY about writing down what you wanted, there would be more than three percent enjoying a rich, satisfying and fulfilled life.

The reason why you are not where you want to be is not just because you don't write down your goals, (though that is a critical element).

It's because the effort required to move out of the other twenty seven percent and join the ranks of the elite three percent, requires a shift in habits and strategy.

Habits and strategies which are focused on supporting the most important goals, not just the ones which are time related, like answering the phone.
Now, you might be thinking that sounds hard!

But that's why, what you are about to discover inside this book is going to shock you - because it flatly says "absurd" to every idea you have ever had about how "difficult" it is to achieve your goals!

And demonstrates how fast, easy and effective achieving goals can be when you develop habits and strategies that support them.
And when you know how to effectively identify, set, organize, manage and reach those goals.

It will mean you are in the top 3%

GoalMaker is red hot relevant. We live in a time with so many 'distractions' that setting goals can be a serious oversight, if you make the time to set your goals by following the template laid out before you in this E-book, it will mean you are in the top 3% and that changes everything-in business and in life. This is a must read for anyone who wants a frank no nonsense guide to achieving more in any area of their life.
John Sharkey, Principle coach & trainer, Sonas consulting Group

How Anyone Can Achieve the Life They Want

That's why I have published this book.

And that's why The New York Times reported this as one of the best goal setting products on the market.

You see the science behind achieving goals that only the top three percent of the population applies, doesn't have to be hard to learn. In fact I know from personal experience as I have used the exact same strategies to achieve my own goals. And now I want you to know.

In this powerful book, I have distilled the essence of my own career and life-changing work with others over the past years into an easy to follow, downloadable book that you can devour in as little as a weekend. This is the same system that is used in our powerful goal setting software. You will leave behind all confusion as I lead you through how to analyze and document your most important goals and tasks, as well show you how to develop the habits and strategies that will support your clear written goals, so you can achieve them, enjoy more opportunities, have the confidence to act on more, and experience amazing results in the shortest time possible.


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GoalMaker: The Complete Goal Setting Guide
A Practical Guide To Setting Goals and Achieving The Life You Want

In this jam packed, comprehensive "Downloadable GoalMaker Guide" you'll find that It's not just about typical goal setting. While the ebook is chock full of techniques on how you can quickly identify, set, organize, manage and reach your goals ... you will also learn the habits and strategies that only the top three percent of the population know and apply.

I've held back nothing with this amazing goal setting product. It wasn't an easy or inexpensive task creating it. Yet I think you will agree it was worth all the effort once you see what's inside.

For example...

Here's a breakdown of what the book covers:
•  Introduction
•  Strategies
•  Setting goals
•  Why people don't set goals
•  General guidelines
•  The process
•  Rewards
•  Coaching
•  Creative Visualisation
•  Affirmations
•  The importance of habits
•  Regular activates
•  What resources do i have?
•  Overall strategies
•  My mission
•  My values
•  My roles
•  My long term goals
•  Set goals for each role
•  List the benefits
•  List all obstacles
•  List your strategies
•  Identify a reward for yourself
•  List your short term goals for each long term goal
•  My short term goals
•  Set short term goals for each long term goal
•  Lists the tasks required
•  My wins
•  Helpful hints
•  More good ideas
•  How to recharge yourself
•  Time management
•  Efficiency and effectiveness
•  My commitment to my life-s goals
•  Further reading
•  Further resources
•  Contacts

This truly is the most complete book you will find on:
•  How the goal setting process works, and the most common reasons why people don't set goals

•  Learning how rewards, coaching, creative visualizations, habits and affirmations can stack the odds in your favour
•  Understanding the benefits of goal setting
•  The value of celebrating goals that you have achieved

"Helps me track and monitor my achievements and ambitions"

I can now, for the first time, interpret where I was, where I am and where I'm going. GoalMaker has assisted me in designing a fresh and exciting business plan that will help me track and monitor my achievements and ambitions. 
Selwyn Favish, Business Insurance Consultant and Financial Planner

Here's just a sliver of what you will discover inside:

•  The truth behind effective goal setting that can transform your life
•  Why the top three percent of the population are disciplined goal setters and how to be one
•  The keys to going from where you are now to where you want to be in the shortest time possible
•  Why habits are an important element in whether you succeed or fail to reach your goal
•  A powerful visualization method to give you better (and faster) results
•  What Benjamin Franklin discovered that transformed his ability to be successful
•  New (and simple) ways to identify and map out exactly what you want to achieve
•  15 questions you should ask yourself each day that will transform your ability to reach your goals
•  How to eliminate the self-sabotage that can steer you away from setting goals
•  9 common reasons why people fail to set goals and how to overcome them
•  Discover the 6 popular reasons why people achieve their goals while others fail
•  9 ways to reinforce a positive attitude so you can unconsciously set goals
•  The two most important elements needed to set and achieve goals
•  The value of rewards and how important they are to maximize your success
•  The critical reasons why you might need a coach on the road to reaching your goals
•  7 steps to effective visualization to achieve goals without fail
•  4 simple ways to integrate affirmations during the day to transform your beliefs
•  The importance of forming habits that will catapult you towards your desired outcome
•  What you must do daily, weekly, monthly and yearly in order to experience your goals as realities
•  The 15 overall strategies of goal achievement
•  The number one reason why your mission is critical to staying on track
•  How to create your own mission statements fast, and easy, using my 25 word model
•  The three most important elements that your mission statement must possess
•  The importance of values in steering you to achieve your mission in the shortest time
•  The key to identifying your roles and developing a vision for each of them
•  The definitive guide to setting long term goals in relation to your roles
•  Surprising reasons why you should list benefits for each of your goals
•  Why listing all your obstacles that stand in your way can help you achieve your goals easier
•  How to eliminate internal obstacles by asking these two simple questions and using a list of proven strategies
•  The power of short term goals and their connection to your long term ones
•  How to use the SPED formula to prevent feeling overwhelmed
•  The real reason why winners keep track of their wins and why you should do it
•  Simple adjustments in the way you think to give you confidence to overcome frustration and still reach your goal
•  3 amazing ideas that can solidify your ability to achieve your goals faster than ever before
•  7 questions to ask yourself when achieving goals in order to duplicate the process
•  How to overcome tiredness, discouragement and a lack of energy
•  14 of the most costly time robbers and ways to avoid them
•  13 affirmations that cement your commitment to your life goals


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These are only a few of the great facts that I bring out in this book. There are many other practical and proven strategies that you can apply immediately.

You can't afford to miss this book. Deep rooted in everyone is the potential to achieve their goals. Here now is the chance to finally know how to do it and experience all the benefits that come from living the life you want.

PLUS, when you order today, you'll receive highly effective printable worksheets that you can use to define your mission, action steps, set long and short term goals as well as identify your roles, and values.

Picture this...

•  NEVER again spend hours wondering where to start in the goal setting process or how you are going to get to where you want to be as I will lead you step-by-step through the process of defining your mission, analysing your goals and setting definable action steps.

•  NEVER again guess how you are going to manage multiple goals for different roles, as this book demonstrates in the clearest way to effectively organize and manage them so they are in alignment with your highest values

•  NEVER again try to figure out how to make sense of short or long term goals as I show you a simple way to break each one down and give you aproven solution to create your own action plan to achieve them

•  NEVER again struggle to keep track of your goals as I've included all the worksheets that you need in order to plan your goals and track your progress

- Easy to use -

Easy to use, hard to avoid. GoalMaker politely, but insistently, guides you towards seeing your goals, clearly enough to make them real..
Chris Gymer, IT Consultant

With everything you are getting here, I can confidently tell you I've done 99% of the hard work for you. I've tried to think of everything you need to shatter any excuses or roadblocks you have standing in your way. But in case you-re still a little bit unsure. You-re protected by my amazing -

Love it or Leave it!

100% Money Back Guarantee For 30 days
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No questions. No Hassle. No time wasted.

That's a pretty bold guarantee and potentially puts me on the hook for the entire investment you make today, but I'm not worried. Not only because this is the ultimate -goal setting- guide but also because I have seen plenty of men and women purchase this and keep it.

It really is that effective!

Now with that out of the way -

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The - GoalMaker - guide is so crammed full of ingenious, proven goal-achieving strategies, which I feel certain, will help you achieve your most important goals.

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and you can be absorbing these practical techniques 60 seconds later.

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Kevin Seerup

P.S. - I've done all the hard work for you, the research into what strategies work, what steps you need to take, and how to do it without failing. Now the next step is up to you! Read everything on your PC, Mac or Tablet and discover how simple, eye-opening and easy it is to identify, set, organize, manage and reach your goals faster than ever before!!

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