About us

GoalMaker was written by Kevin Seerup of GoalMaker Software Solutions Pty Ltd (formerly Access Able Systems Pty Ltd). Versions 1 and 2 were developed in association with Dr. Janet Hall of the Richmond Hill Psychology Clinic and David Vincent of Break Through Training Group.

Kevin Seerup is a software developer with 35 years of development experience on a wide variety of hardware platforms ranging from mainframes to PCs. He is a member of the Australian Computer Society and CEO of GoalMaker Software Solutions Pty Ltd. He first started his own business developing software in 1985 and has successfully implemented a large number of systems since then. He develops software for and supports many companies both large and small. Since 1991 he has participated in a number of personal development workshops including Making the Most of Your Future presented by Dr. Janet Hall and David Vincent, after which GoalMaker was born.

Dr. Janet Hall is an author, psychologist, hypnotherapist and accredited speaker with the National Speakers Association of Australia. She has extensive experience in education, private practice, business and media presentations including radio and television. Jan founded the Richmond Hill Psychology clinic which provides services to Adults (Specializing in Success Coaching, Relationships and Sex Therapy), Children and Families (Specializing in Confidence, Self-esteem and Bedwetting). She is a master facilitator of goal achievement and has developed the Power Plan process which uses left and right brain techniques to help you identify your life purpose, your major life goals and the one significant goal which, if you focused on it now, would save you time and energy, and accelerate your success in life.

David Vincent is a Director of Break Through Training Group. He has been an international trainer and speaker for the last twelve years after a successful career in the corporate scene. David is a foundation member of the National Speakers Association of Australia. He regularly speaks at conferences and trains individuals and corporations in productivity improvement.