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  • Define your Mission
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  • Learn the process
  • Understand rewards
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The Complete Goal Setting Guide

Contains a complete guide to goal setting along with easy to use templates and worksheets.

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GoalMaker Online Goal Setting Software

Coming soon ... October 2015!

Our new GoalMaker on-line Goal Setting program will soon be released - scheduled for 16th October 2015.

We also have a goal setting app for your smart phone scheduled for release in November 2015.

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Windows Software

Easy to install and easy to use but ... now a little out of date! Get ready to try our new Online Goal Setting software.

With easy to install and easy to use software, our windows-based GoalMaker will help you with your personal and business goals and help you achieve a balance between the two. NB Not recommended for users of Windows 8, Windows 10 or 64bit Windows - use our on-line GoalMaker instead.

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